Kathmandu Nagarkot Dhulikhel Tour

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“fascinating tour around best of Nepal with scenic views and cultural delights”

Nepal indeed a great country for all kinds of holiday destinations from day hike-trekking-climbing-adventure sports-mountain biking-jungle safari-mountaineering-white water to scenic rafting or just travel at ease with awesome views of high snow capped mountains in the backdrop of ancient culture and age-old heritage.

Beside other leisure-moderate and adventurous holiday, Nepal an ideal destination for leisure sightseeing tour around its beautiful countryside where you can catch stunning sunrise and high Himalayan mountains views in the comfort of luxurious hotels and resorts.

Nepal Base Camp Trek offers great variety of sightseeing tour of Nepal and beyond Kathmandu of immense delights where you can witness the in-depth of Nepalese day to day life as it was past hundred of centuries enriched with old culture-religions and custom in the shadow of world tallest mountains.

Our list of exotic destinations for sightseeing tour for all kinds of holiday planners suitable to all people and age groups as well for honey-moon couples.

On this trip accompanied by experienced guide and tour escorts on spacious and excellent conditions vehicles with cheerful good drivers on overland drive.

As for Lumbini or Pokhara with options of flights with sweeping panorama of mountain views with short drive and walks around places of interest.

Located on a mere distance of few hour drive from Kathmandu which leads you on the valley rim hill side at an altitude of 2,100 m, Nagarkot hill top famous for striking sunrise and sunset views over array of Himalayan peaks which includes Langtang-Jugal Himal to Everest range of mountains, situated in a serene natural environment where you can enjoy views in the comfort of nice hotels and mountain resorts.

Dhulikhel and Namodbuddha situated on Nepal / Tibet Friendship Highway a mere driving distance of an hour or more a scenic mid hill and old Newari town near holy Namodbuddha monastery area, offering super views of Himalayan Mountains, an interesting day tour with complete views of mountains and rural villages, Dhulikhel stands with more than 500 years old town and a village.

Located in a serene environment a short drive south of Dhulikhel, one of the holiest place for Buddhist pilgrimage, this unsurpassable supreme sacred sites known as the Three Stupas in Nepal is Tagmo Lüjin “The place where future Buddha sacrificed his body to a tigress”.

Pokhara 220 k.m. driving distance of 5-6 hours from Kathmandu and by air just 30 minutes with sweeping views of snowcapped peaks, located Mid West Nepal with warm sub-tropical climate of 800 m- 900 m elevation.

Pokhara one of the most sought touristic destination for all types of holiday makers from hiking-trekking-adventure sports like paragliding, ultra-lights flights, rafting, kayaking or just relax and enjoy the views of magnificent Annapurna Himalaya range of mountains with majestic Mt. Machhapuchare ‘Fish Tail” at close distance.

Pokhara a picturesque spot blessed with natural beauty where Annapurna Mountain reflects on its serene Phewa and Begnas Lakes.

Beside mountain views and other sports an ideal place to relax and for cultural and day tour around its towns and villages where you can get glimpse of simple local culture and custom of great interest.

Located Mid West Nepal on route Pokhara, approx 4-5 hrs drive from Kathmandu, placed on mid hills and a hill town, which is ancestral home of past Shah Dynasty who ruled Nepal from 17th Centaury till end of 1990’s and 2000. It is from here that King Prithvi Narayan Shah started his conquest of the country’s various tiny kingdoms and unified them into a single nation, Nepal. Perched one thousand feet above Gorkha Bazaar, the palace dominates the surroundings and is visible from all around the area. The palace also boasts beautiful architecture.

Al though only Hindus are allowed to enter the palace premises, it is worthwhile walking up the stairs for the view.

Located on Nepal Mid West Nepal of 4-5 hrs drive from Kathmandu and 2-3 hrs from Pokhara, a beautiful spot placed on mid hills in Tanau district, south of Gandaki zone, a new concept called eco-tourism, has emerged as responsible travel areas that conserves its environment and sustains the well being of local people.

Bandipur is another traveler’s paradise as this place offers varieties of attractions to the visitors.

It offers breath-taking views of the Himalayan range of mountains from Langtang in the east to Dhaulagiri in the west with more of Manaslu and Annapurna Himal.
Bandipur famous for its home stay programs a new concept in tourism in Nepal where one can observe local culture and traditions with warm local hospitality.

Located at 1,372m the ancient town of Tansen is the headquarters of Palpa district famous and popular for its old heritage and culture, brilliant views of mountains, serene atmosphere and friendly people are the major attractions of this area.
Besides, Tansen has also gained its popularity for historical monuments, temples and lively handicraft industry. It is located about seven kilometers northwest of Bartung from Siddhartha Highway which leads to Lumbini and Bhairawa city.

Lumbini situated south west Nepal near Indian border of UP state where you can reach by overland drive of 6-7 hours or 45 minutes flight to Bhairahawa airport and then a short drive to Lumbini holy area with overnights in the comfort of nice hotels and resorts.

Lumbini in Sanskrit word for “the lovely” the hub of Buddhist pilgrimage site around Kapilavastu, and district of Rupandehi.

Lumbini is one of four Buddhist pilgrimage sites based on major events in the life of Gautama Buddha. Interestingly, all of the events occurred under trees. The other three sites are in India: Bodh Gaya (enlightenment), Sarnath
(first preaching and discourse), and Kushinagar (where breathed last).

Lumbini is the traditional birthplace of Gautama Buddha, the founder of Buddhism born in
6th Century B.C.

In 249 BC, the Buddhist converter Emperor Asoka visited Lumbini and constructed four stupas and a stone pillar. Asoka’s Pillar bears an inscription that translates as: “King Piyadasi (Asoka), beloved of devas, in the 20 year of the coronation, himself made a royal visit, Buddha Sakyamuni having been born here, a stone railing was built and a stone pillar erected proving that Buddha was born here.

The most important temple at Lumbini is the Maya Devi Temple, which enshrines the traditional site of the Buddha’s birth. The current temple stands on the site of earlier temples and stupas, including the stupa built by Asoka.

The modern temple consists mainly of simple white building that protects ancient ruins, with the exact spot of the Buddha’s birth identified.

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