Newly Opened Trekking

Nepal is small beautiful country for its nature. Nepal is himalaya country known as paradise for trekkers. Many trekkers come to vist for for spectular view of mountain. The Government of Nepal has opened new trekking trail routes recently, which are culturally and naturally very popular in different area of Nepal.
Trekking to newly open trail, traveller encounters lonely villages, flora and fauna, deepest valleys. It offers to see you innumerable exciting trekking destinations with unique mixture of natural and cultural essentials. There have been ongoing efforts on part of government and non governmental agencies working in the tourism sector to continuously identifying new and exciting trekking destinations. Following are some of the newly developed trekking destinations that have been thoughtfully upgraded to accommodate the visit of new arrivals with provision of sound physical infrastructure for sustainable tourism practices. Most of the popular newly open treks are mentioned below.

Newly Opened Trekking : 2018

    Travel Blog

    Trekkers always comment about bridge crossing when on a trek in Nepal. Not all bridges are modern and some are missing planks giving you a scary, windy view down to the river below. In general, the bridges on the Manaslu Trek are mainly sound – or they were until the earthquake. For instance, the bridge before Machhakhola was damaged by the earthquake and the trail moved to pass along the river bed. During...

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