Cheapest Everest Base Camp Trek

Cheapest Everest Base Camp Trek

Trekking in the Everest region is not as expensive as it sounds and the local government has enforced a nominal room rate for all places. The trek cost depends on route, travel agency, service, and several other factors. The total cost is primarily based on the requirement of travelers and the cost of trekking in Nepal’s diverse mountain terrain range from low-priced trips. The local wholeheartedly welcome Nepali trekkers and the flow of Nepali trekkers have also been increasing. If you choose the low-priced trip then the cost is obviously low than in comparison to the Luxury trek. It is a dream trek for many mountain lovers as the trek will reach the base camp trek and reach the base camp of the highest mountain in the world.

Trekking in this route provides an opportunity for all travelers and adventurer fulfilling their dreams to stand and admire the world’s number one peaks. This also depends upon the service and interest of trekkers on the Everest Base Camp trek. In Nepal trekking is much cheaper in comparison to trekking in other nations. This is a dream trek for many mountain lovers as the trek will reach the base camp of the highest mountain in the world. It is always a challenging, adventurous, and fun task to do in your life. There are various factors that determine the EBC cost and the need to have a perfect plan before embarking on the journey to Everest trekking. Trekking on this route of Mt Everest is dream come true for many trekkers. The cost for the Everest Base Camp trek is like this.

Everest base camp trek with an international agency

  1. Price range USD1350 to USD4500
  2. Budget trek USD1350 to USD1999
  3. Standard trek USD1350 to USD3299
  4. Luxury trek USD1350 to USD4500

Everest base camp trek with the local agency

  1. Price range USD1100 to USD3600
  2. Budget trek USD1100 to USD1699
  3. Standard trek USD1700 to USD2499
  4. Luxury trek USD2500 to USD3600
  5. Guide and porter service USD1085
  6. Guide service USD 25 to 50 per day
  7. Porter service USD20 to 25 Per day

Independent trekkers

  1. Price range USD1000 to USD1600

Cost before embarking on the trek

  • Cost of flight USD320 both ways Per Person
  • Sagarmatha National Park Permits USD30 + 13% vat
  • Khumbu Rural Municipality Entrance Permit USD20
  • Cost of drinking water USD 1 to 3 Per Litter
  • Cost of food beverage USD 25 to 30 per day
  • The cost of Normal accommodation is USD5 to USD10
  • Luxury Accommodation USD 40 to 200 Double room Per night
  • Cost of Gear and Equipment USD300