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Equipment Checklist

Equipment Checklist


Layering is extremely important when trekking to Himalaya Nepal and popular Everest Base Camp.

    2 quick drying long sleeved base layer shirts

    2 trekking shirts short sleeve

    2 Thermal underwear – base layer

    2 liner socks

    3 pair woolen blends trekking socks

    2 pair trekking pants with zip off bottoms

 2 fleece sweaters – one lightweight, one heavier

    1 wind/rain proof over layer– jacket and pants

 1 down jacket – (didn’t really need this, layers would have been fine, but it does get quite cold in March)

    1 down vest

    1 Warm winter hat

    1 lightweight thermal layer hat

    1 peak hat

 1 headband/buff

1 pair gloves

    1 Pair trekking boots

    1 Pair crocks or Birkenstocks (would recommend sandals that you can wear with socks. Instead of flipflops we suggest birkinstock type shoes for late night bathroom runs)

 1 pair down booties (bought these at Namche Bazar and they saved our feet.)  Great for keeping feet warm in room and while sleeping and for in the lodge.

  1 headlamp

    1 sleeping bag heavy (could have gone more lightweight as tea houses supply blankets)

    1 watch with alarm

    2 Pairs of sunglasses (in case one breaks) – Believe me, I had a pair of sunglasses break while climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and I regret not having extra sunglasses.

    1 DSLR camera with 3 extra batteries (charging is expensive on the mountain, but you can charge your batteries if they go dead for a fee)

    1 Point and shoot camera

    1 Video Camera

 1 solar charger (charging is expensive, if you can charge yourself will save money)

    2-3 portable chargers

Chargers with belkin mini surge protector and adapter.

Extra batteries for headlamps

Tip: Keep batteries close to your body that will make them last longer.


Chocolate bar and cocoa beans

Tang – or any other powdered juice

    Tea – you can boil water in teahouses

Dairy milk bars – chocolate is a must!

Trail mix and peanuts



First Aid

Diamox – for altitude



    Vicks vapor rub



    Anti nauseant – you tend to feel just a bit nauseaus a lot at altitude.

    immodium – diarrhea is common at altitude.


    blister bandaids or moleskin

    Eye drops

    Advil cold and dinus

Nasal moisturizer – altitude causes nasal cavities to be very dry, nasal moisturizer was very helpful.

  •     Q-tips
  •     Tweezers
  •     Tiger balm
  •     Toilet paper
  •     Shampoo
  •     Soap
  •     Micro fiber towel

    Gold Bond – this just feels good all the time

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