How Much does it cost to trek Everest?

Annapurna Base Camp Trek Permit

Trekking in the Everest region is one of the most rewarding programs which are organized in the Himalayan part of Nepal. With the mesmerizing views of the world’s highest mountain, we also get to know about the lifestyle of the Sherpa people. This region has been long been the most popular trekking region of Nepal which attract thousands of thousands of trekking. There are side trails to explore and more remote paths as well as challenging peak climbing. The cost of this trekking will be determined by the type of trek you are planning. It depends upon your trekking route, time on the trail, and especially what season you will choose. The cost is different according to the season. The cost of trekking in Nepal’s diverse terrain range from low-priced to high-priced trip to very costly luxury climbs.

This region is quite a bit more expensive than other well-known hiking routes in Nepal. It is a pretty challenging trek which is because of the high altitude, rocky tracks, and some steep inclines of the Everest region. Here is some brief insight into the cost while doing trekking in the Everest region.

Accommodation cost

Accommodation is the basic thing to know about while trekking. It is just because you are going to spend an almost short and longer holiday on this route. So you have to know where you are going to stay for those days. This route is one of the busiest trekking trails in Nepal so the cost of the accommodation may be a little high. The price of the accommodation is quite cheaper and different categories and different prices. The accommodation cost is also different according to the season. If you trek in the season then you have to pay more and if you come you have to pay less. And most tea houses have a small room with two beds, a pillow, sheet, blanket, and an attached bathroom. You have to pay extra if you want to eat your meal at a different place where you are staying overnight. The Everest Base Camp Trek is available Luxury Accommodation and sweet deluxe rooms too.

The Accommodation Normal Bed without Bathroom tariff

  • Single Bed Normal Room NRP. 300 to 500
  • Double Bed Normal Room NRP. 500 to 1000
  • Triple Bed Normal Room NRP. 1000 to 1500
  • Dome tries Per Bed Normal NRP. 200 to 300

The Accommodation with Bath Room tariff

  • Single Bed with Bath NPR. 500 to 700
  • Double Bed with Bath NPR. 1000 to 1500
  • Triple Bed with Bath NPR. 1500 to 1800

The Accommodation of luxury on the Mountain room tariff

  • Per Double room with Breakfast USD 40 to 200

Sherpa porter’s cost

While doing trekking or hiking in a new place or new route it is very good to have your porter and guide with you. It is because they may help you to complete your trekking. A group of trekkers often share a guide who makes your journey easier and a porter will help you carry your luggage. Trekking in the Everest region, we will hire a trekking guide from Kathmandu valley, and for a porter, we will hire from Lukla. It is just because it is a little bit expensive if you hire from Kathmandu valley. A porter will charge you USD 20 to 25 per day. They accept carrying 15 to 20 K.G. and if your luggage is heavy then they may ask more.

Everest Trekking Permit cost

If you are planning to Everest  Base Camp Trekking then you must know something about Nepal. A trekking permit is required for trekking almost all Including Everest Region. And without a trekking permit, you can even enter the trekking trail. You have to the required permit before embarking on the trek. All the trekkers are Applying for TIMS Card at Reputation Local Trekking Agencies. And RM Permit and also Sagarmatha National Park Permit can apply direct at Lukla and Jorsale.

Trekking Information Management of System (TIMS)

  • TIMS Card Per Person 2000 Per Person

Local Rural Municipalities Area Trekking Permit

  • Local Rural Municipalities [RM] NRP. 2000 per Person

National Park Permit in Nepal

  • Sagarmatha National Park Permit 3000 Per Person

Flight cost New Update

To start the trekking in the Everest region firstly you have to take a flight towards Lukla. Flying is the most common way to get to the Everest region. The roadway is a long time drive and complicated off road after the midway. From Kathmandu to Jiri is a better road after that very tough road to Bhandar and Nuthala and also Kharikhola. That time takes more days to spend the driving. Therefore many trekkers select to take both-way domestic Flights from Kathmandu to Lukla landing at Adman hilari airport.

The Lukla is one of the most popular dangerous tiny airports in the Himalayas and recorded in the world. There are able to two airports Phaplu and Lukla. The airfare is a year update new prices.  Flight fare is very expensive because little 18 seats tiny Airplane only 30 minutes flight to Lukla or Phaplu. The weather forecast is changing every day and month in Everest Region. Sometimes, the weather forecast changes, and not able to fly to Lukla. Then try to get a Helicopter charter.

Kathmandu to Lukla, Phaplu Flight Tariff

  • Kathmandu Lukla: 1 way USD 187. Both ways are USD 374 Per Person.
  • Kathmandu to Phaplu: 1 way USD 149. Both ways 298 Per Person
  • Monthali to Lukla: 1 way USD 139. Both ways are 278 Per Person.

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