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How much does Trekking Cost in Nepal?

How much does Trekking Cost in Nepal?

Trekking in Nepal is one of the most popular activities you can do in Nepal. Nepal is a landlocked country and it offers a wide range of easy to strenuous trekking options. In Nepal, trekking offers you a ton of choices that can suit your trek cost. It offers a large variety of trekking options from easy to moderate which you can customize depending on your preference. The Himalayan ranges are in the north of the country on the border with Tibet. A cost can vary depending on the distance you are traveling in or the destination you plan to visit. It also offers a chance to discover the rich culture where you will meet the local people from different ethnic groups and communities.

Nepal is a paradise for trekkers blessed with wonderful views of the mountain and beautiful scenery. Trekking in Nepal cost is quite reasonable and budget-friendly which is comparable to the other place. The standard and comfortable service and facility are available in most places. The beautiful mountains, flora and fauna, diverse landscape, and unspoiled cultural variation make trekking a wonderful experience. It fit all types of trekkers who want to do luxury trekking or travel-budget. We also explore the best place in Nepal which is the best trekking destination all over the world. For trekking in Nepal, you can choose any season.

Cost of transportation

While planning to trek in Nepal the cost of the transportation may affect your budget. Generally, there are two types of transportation in Nepal by air and by road. Road transportation is cheaper than air transportation. The local buses are the cheapest among other means of transportation so you can go with public transportation to reduce expenses.

The cost of the local buses is according to the geographically or according to different places. If you want to complete, you’re trekking in a short period of time then air is the perfect transportation. The cost of the tourist bus, Private Jeep, Van and domestic flight just Contact Us. But some of the trekking places you cannot reach by bus so you have to take a flight even if the cost is high.

Cost of trekking Packages in Nepal

There are so many trekking destinations where you have to take Basic Packages and Luxury Packages. Nepal Base Camp Treks offers more than 100 multi packages with short hiking and moderate trekking and Adventure Peak Climbing. Only Hire Professional Trekking Guide Per day salary USD 25 to 30 and Expert Local Porter USD 20 Per day. just need to pay for his extra transportation on the way. All Trekking guides are well-trained and the Nepal government is under license holder. We do the most Popular route trekking packages offer to come from this 2022 to 2023.

Popular Trekking Packages in Nepal 2022 to 2023

Cost for accommodation

Accommodation in Nepal varies with the trekking area and the travel season and the cost of accommodation gets significantly lower. In the most popular trekking trail, the rooms are designed stander to provide you extra comfort. Some of the tea houses sell basic local meals. But most Lodge are selling modernized Meals, which is similar to City areas. The Lodge accommodation is NPR. 500 to 1000 Per double bed. In some of the popular areas more luxury hotels are up to USD 30 to 200 Per Double bed with Himalayan Breakfast.

The Accommodation with Bath Room tariff

  • Single Bed with Bath NPR. 500 to 700
  • Double Bed with Bath NPR. 1000 to 1500
  • Triple Bed with Bath NPR. 1500 to 1800

The Accommodation of luxury on the Mountain room tariff

  • Per Double room with Breakfast USD 40 to 200