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Know How Challenging It is to Climb Mera Peak

Know How Challenging It is to Climb Mera Peak

People often ask how hard the Mera Peak climb is. Well, if you have already been to Everest base camp or Annapurna base camp or done with first trekking across the Himalayan region, then climbing Mera trek can give you a higher objective.

Mera Peak, at 6,476m, is the highest permitted trek in Nepal. Upon summiting the peak, you can cover some amazing views of the over-8000-meter mountains that can offer a magnificent view of other mountains including Mt. Kanchenjunga, Mt. Lhoste, Mt. Everest, Mt. Cho Oyu, Mt. Makalu, etc. are few names.

Well, if you’re planning to cover this peak, the probable question that is coming up in your mind is- How challenging the climb could be? Well, according to our Nepal trekking guide, it totally depends on your personal experiences, the team you choose and physical fitness you have. Here are a few things we are putting a focus on to stay prepared-

The Altitude

Well, climbing 6,476 is huge, and it puts your body on the real test to know whether your body can cope with such elevation or not. Hence proper acclimatization is required to cover the height. Having previous climbing experience is the plus point.

Several Routes are There

In our cheap trekking packages, we cover several routes. Kote and Khare is the last village before we will start doing our camping nights. The shortest one is via Zatra La Pass 4,620m. One route covers Pangom, Ramalio, Danda route and the other one covers Kholakharka and Cholem.

The Physical Fitness

It is vital. You will need to walk 7–8 hours a day, including the breaks. The trails are a little bit up and a little bit down, and it really works excellent inside the Hinku Valley.

Attempting the Summit

The Mera peak summit involves walking on the glaciers for 6–8 hours. It will put your physical and mental endurance on a test. But, the rewarding view at such height, make you forget all the struggles and treasures.

Weather Condition

While determining the difficulty level of summitting the Mera Peak, the weather is one of the critical considerations since it is always unpredictable. However, in our cheap trekking package for Nepal, we keep our groups updated about the latest weather forecast. The proper season for the expedition is from late April to May.

Proper Clothing and Equipment

It is also an important thing to consider. And the trekkers should have appropriate knowledge of using gears like harness, climbing boots, crampons and other necessary items. You should have clothing and footwear in a perfect size to survive the cold.

We must say that Mera Peak climbing is a challenging yet rewarding journey in the foothills of the Himalayas. Our Climbing in Nepal Costs for Mera Peak includes the supply of down-filled jacket, sleeping bag, trekking bag, trekking pole, duffle bag, trekking map and all necesary paperwork for trekking permits.

Friendly, experienced, competent and qualified guides will always be there with your trekking team putting a smile of their face. So, with Nepal Base Camp Treks Pvt. Ltd, you can carry this adventurous trip without worrying about necessary supplies, and we make sure you will enjoy every bit of it.