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Manaslu Trekking in Nepal

Mount Manalsu with Monastery

Manaslu region is one of the most traveler trekking destinations of Nepal where you will get a chance to see the mesmerizing views of the mountain. This trekking route lies in the Gorkha District in the northern part of Nepal and it is just 132km from Kathmandu valley. Trekking on this route is an important trek in Nepal which offers fascinating culture, and biological diversity with mesmerizing views. The trek is suitable for those trekkers who are looking for a less trodden challenging adventure in Nepal and it is pretty unique to other popular trekking destinations in Nepal. It is one of the most stunning trekking of Nepal that takes you around the Manaslu region. This trekking is designed for those trekkers, who like to explore wonderful Himalayan scenery, amazing glacier, lakes, and the unique culture of this beautiful route. It is an ideal trek for all nature lover trekkers.

Around this region, the trek is one of the most popular treks in Nepal offering an authentic glimpse of the stunning Nepalese landscapes and cultures. Trekking in this Manaslu region is a thrilling recently opened trekking trail leading towards the world’s 8th highest mountain which is Mt Manaslu at an elevation of 8163m from sea level. The region is bordered by the Budi Gandaki River and the Marshyangdi River. It offers a spectacular view through the gorge of the Budi Gandaki River where the trail follows an ancient salt-trading route of Tibet. During the time trekking, we will have mesmerizing views of the mountain. The mountain-like Manaslu, Ganesh Himal, Cheo Himal, Himlung Himal, Kang Guru, and many other beautiful mountains can see during the trek. Mesmerizing views of the mountain make your journey more memorable and more enjoyable for a lifetime.

It is considered a real adventure due to its unique combination of scenic beauty, breathtaking altitude, and incredible flora and fauna. There are relatively few other trekkers and there is a thrilling side trip to the glacier. It is an ultimate off-the-beaten path of the Himalayas and alluring to all the adventure fanatics from around the world who adore taking the challenge. This is one of the challenging, demanding, and sought-after trekking ventures in the heart of Nepal which offers you to explore the majestic height and exceptional views of the mountain. Trekking on this route is getting more and more popular as a new trekking destination due to the increasing number of travelers. The trails are varied and enticing and among the most beautiful trail section in Nepal with their stunning mountain vistas and enchanting culture. The path then turns westwards right into an excessive alpine valley with Tibetan villages.

The Manaslu Trekking General Information

Manaslu Tsum Valley Blog

The trek gives an awesome blend of age-vintage Tibetan way of life background, chaste Himalayan entice, and various organic diversities. During the time trekking, we will get a chance to explore the beautiful villages on this route. The beautiful villages-like Arughat Bazaar, Dharapani, Beshishar, Machha Khola, Jagat, Deng, Sama Goun, and many other beautiful villages along this route. In this village, we also get to know about the culture, traditions, and lifestyle of the rural Himalayan people. Most of the people on this route are influenced by Tibetan Buddhism. Beautiful villages and mesmerizing views of the mountain which can see from here make your journey more enjoyable. There are lots of villages where you will get a chance to know about Nepali culture and their traditions. While the higher trails lead you to silent alpine moor and rugged High Mountain deserts with turquoise blue lakes.

A journey to this region in the local language brings you to discover epic sceneries of nature and culture and trekking is filled with nature, culture, high altitude, and unforgettable memories. Trekking in this route leads you through the hilly landscapes of Nepal and a trek to this fascinating, beautiful region is sure to make memories that will last a lifetime. The region will enjoy an amazing variety of geographical and cultural differences below the great peaks. Trekking in this region is a recently opened trekking trail in Nepal and this is a remote and restricted area trek where you can enjoy and experience the beautiful landscapes with Nepalese and Tibetan culture. This culture, historical, and natural journey is a moderate to a strenuous level of trekking and the entire route is a unique combination of adventure. Trekking in this region gives you an awesome feeling.

It is one of the strenuous treks in the Himalayan region where you will be passing through the Manaslu Conservation Area. In this conservation area, there are 19 types of forest, 201 species of birds, 2000 species of plants, 39 species of mammals, 11 types of butterflies, and 3 types of reptiles found in this conservation area. The trek explores small Buddhist villages with spectacular scenery of snowy peaks, rivers, high passes, wildlife, and different Himalayan flower including the beautiful rhododendron. The area offers a classic setting for trekkers and the trekking route in the region follows the Budi Gandaki River. Trekking in this region offers many trekking packages like Manaslu Circuit Trek, Manaslu Larkya La Pass, Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek, Manaslu Circuit trek, and other beautiful trekking routes in this route.

There are almost 15 restricted areas in Nepal and the Manaslu region is one of the restricted areas. This is a restricted area so you must take a special trekking permit before embarking on the route. We need at least three trekking permits before embarking on the route. The three trekking permits like special trekking permit, Manaslu Conservation Area permit, and Annapurna Conservation Area permit. You may have questions about why you need Annapurna Conservation Area to permit then after crossing Sama Goun we will be in the Annapurna region we need an ACA permit. Without a trekking permit, you are not allowed to trek on this route. Trekking permits will easily get in Kathmandu valley. For a trekking permit, you must have your passport-sized photos and a photocopy of your passport.