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Mr. Sappa Lama

(Executive Director)


Mr. Sappa Lama is a professional tourism expert who runs the entire operations of Nepal Base Camp Treks in the position of an Executive Managing Director. Sappa is a native Nepali, was born and raised in the Mid North West region of Nepal’s Himalayas & began his career in Tourism 25 years ago to this day. His hard earned experience has garnered many accolades for the company & he has trekked the length & breadth of the Himalayas, escorting his clients from around the world to some of Nepal’s most famous Himalayan destinations. Mr. Lama is a gentleman who takes much pleasure in the exotic beauty of his country & enjoys to the hilt what he does.

His early start began as a trekking guide at a very early stage in life as a teenager with extensive knowledge of the geography of the land he treated while providing key services to globetrotters from around the world; Sappa was soon elevated to a senior position of chief guide during a short period of time for his deep love of adventure tourism and virtually enjoying the work he has become so well known for…

With a lot of toiling labor done on the punishing trails of Nepal’s beautiful mountains, Sappa has brought much happiness to his clients and has now come a long way in life in a trade close to his heart – adventure tourism. Sappy simply made his clients feel at home wherever he escorted them in the stunning Himalayas.

Currently, Mr. Sappa Lama operates his own outfit with the very hard earned experience he has gathered over the years & heads Nepal Base Camp Treks in its day-to-day operations, bringing joy to his clients who relish his services & has brought much honor to Nepal’s tourism sector…

Lako Lama

Managing Director

Asist Admiration

Mr. Lako Lama sits in the post of Managing Director with gross experience of 20 years in the tourism profession. Lako organizes and runs successful mountain trips ensuring that his clients get deep insights in the territory they travel in.

Lako Lama is a man with a congenial personality & has fantastic knowledge of Nepal’s history – religion – & culture and specializes in guiding groups on religious tours with in-depth experience in Buddhism; Lako also guides Christian groups who seek to learn of Christianity & its development on the mountains of Nepal. Any travelers who require special interest tours and treks related to Buddhism, culture and religion will find in Mr. Lako Lama a person who is well read in the ways & beliefs of communities who live on the Himalayas of Nepal.

Pramila Lama

(Accountant and female tour guide)

Accountant At Nepal Base Camp Treks

Ms. Pramila Lama works in the post of an accountant and looks after the company’s financial sector by helping and supporting all of the company’s budgets in order to improve the company’s profile and image with the different tourism umbrella organizations & the government’s tourism department in Nepal. Pramila plans her work well & has highly useful knowledge in accountancy & maintaining the balance sheets of the company. Pramila was employed at Nepal Base Camp Treks since 2013 & with her academic qualification as a Bachelor in Commerce she has been with us since the last 5 years & her experience in tourism field has brought much useful administration to the maintaining of all our accounts in the operations of our company.

Pawan Tamang

Trekking Guide

Well Trained Trekking Guide in Nepal

Mr. Pawan Tamang, a young and much experienced trekking guide joined Nepal Base Treks in 2011. During his working tenure as a trekking and mountain guide with us, he has led many groups around Nepal’s high mountainous areas providing exceptional services and keeping all of our groups well satisfied with his extensive knowledge of the locations and vibrant villages en route while trekking with his groups. Pawan has provided our company with extraordinary service by looking after our clients very well on the Himalayas.

prakash tamang

Prakash Tamang (Lama)

Trekking Guide

Nepal Under Government License Holder

Prakash started his career as a Nepal Trekking Guide from 2011 onwards, since then he has been busy leading treks from moderate to adventurous geographic locations around the high mountains of Nepal’s Himalayas. A very pleasing person with practical knowledge of all trekking areas, he has been leading trekking ventures for a decade sharing his trekking experience with all clients and making all of his trips a most enjoyable and memorable moment for all of his groups. Prabin truly enjoys his work to the hilt.

Buddhi Bahadur Tamang

Trekking Guide

Nepal Under Government License Holder

Mr. Buddhi Bahadur Tamang is also a highly experienced guide who has been with Nepal Base Camp Treks for much of a decade from 2000 onwards. Buddhi has useful knowledge and experience after leading many trekking groups in the adventurous geographical locations of the high Himalayan Mountains. Buddhi knows the lay of the land very well & has brought much gratification to our clients with well organized & personalised services while guiding trekkers with enjoyable and successful trips in some of the most well known areas of the Himalayas.

Devman Tamang

Trekking Guide

Professional Trekking Guide in Nepal

Mr. Devman Tamang started his career as a Trekking Guide with us from 2003, since then he has been well engaged leading treks from moderate to highly adventurous locations around the high & wild mountains of Nepal’s Himalayas. A very jolly & friendly guide with good knowledge of all of nepal’s well known trekking zones, Devman has been leading trekking ventures for over a decade sharing his trekking experience with all clients and ensuring every trip was an enjoyable and memorable for his groups, giving them lifetime memories.

Suraj Lama

Trekking Guide

Expert Trekking Guide in Nepal

Mr. Suraj Lam is a guide of our company with more than 2 years of good experience as a trekking guide through much of the Himalayas in Nepal. He started his career in adventure tourism since 2016, and has led numerous hiking groups throughout the most well known trekking areas of Nepal’s Himalayas .

Jayaram Tamang

Trekking Guide

Professional Trekking Guide in Nepal

Mr. Jayaram Tamang another senior and veteran staff and guide of Nepal Base Camp with 20 years of experience as trekking and camping guide, born and raised in the high hills and mountains of Mid West Nepal Himalaya, started his trekking career from 1996 leading groups of different nationality around high mountains of Nepal Himalaya and offering excellent services with good knowledge of the area of trekking.


Kedar Santa Bahadur Paudel

Trekking and Climbing Guide

Best Trekking and Climbing Guide in Nepal

Kedar (Santa Bahadur Paudelborn and raised in the high Himalayan mountain village started his career as Trekking and Climbing Guide since 1996. Kedar has led many treks from moderate to adventurous and challenging adventure destination around Nepal Himalaya.

An expert trekking and climbing guide with 27  years of good experience with his pleasing personality offering great services and keeping every client satisfied and happy and leading climbers to the summit top safe and sound health.

Prakash Raj Khadka

Guide Of Nepalese Family Groups

Excutive Director At Nepal Base Camp Treks

Rabin Gurung

CEO/Sr. Web Developer

Former Software Engineer

Rabin Gurung is Website Design/Development, WordPress theme/plugin development, Custom CMS Bulk Development, E-commerce Solution, Web App, Mobile App, Video Editing and SEO Internet Digital Scientist Database during his early days he has also led many treks in and around the Himalaya as a trekking guide, at present with his expert knowledge in the computer has stuck to its carrier as IT supporter for Nepal Base Camp Treks and for many other close friends. His trekking experience adds and makes things easier on website designing for many adventures and trekking companies. More Details Ask Nepal Base Camp Treks.

Manager of documents

Bishnu Kumari Tamang

General Manager

The Team of Nepal Base Camp Treks

Bishnu Kumari Tamang is Manager at Nepal Base Camp Treks.She Manage all trekking documents before like permits,itinerary,flights tickets,and airport pick up drop off transportation on arrival and departures,TIMS, Passport copy and arrange a guide.She also general manager at Nepal Base Camp Treks and emails corresponding.