Mr. Bibek Gurung (Senior Mountain guide)

Mr. Bibek Gurung is also one of our expert guides with more than 13 years of adventure and cultural experience leading treks throughout the Himalayan wilderness & famous trek destinations; Bibek has immense travel experience & joined our company with a great career as a trekking guide since 2001. He has led many trekking groups on adventurous & challenging trails that include going over high passes and stunning areas of the Himalayas above the tree lines. Bibek enjoys his work very much.

Travel Blog

Trekkers always comment about bridge crossing when on a trek in Nepal. Not all bridges are modern and some are missing planks giving you a scary, windy view down to the river below. In general, the bridges on the Manaslu Trek are mainly sound – or they were until the earthquake. For instance, the bridge before Machhakhola was damaged by the earthquake and the trail moved to pass along the river bed. During...

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