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The Rara Lake Trek – Explaining Its Chief Highlights

The Rara Lake Trek

The Rara Lake offers some of the most breathtaking scenery. It is perfect for all adrenaline junkies, explorers, and nature lovers wanting to embark on newer terrains to explore. Situated in the far Northwestern side, right around Jumla and Mugu districts, the Rara Lake offers stunning cultural and scenic views. You can see dense coniferous forests, black juniper, blue pine, Himalayan spruce, and more.

The best part of this Rara Lake Trek is that it is not long or difficult. Instead, what you will find is that it is within the RARA National Park. The trekking trail falls at an altitude between 1,800 m to 4,048 m. Its serene wilderness proves to be an ideal habitat for numerous animals. You can witness Himalayan black deer, leopard, goral, Wild boar, Himalayan Thar, and snow trout (a rare fish species).

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1. Exploring The Rara National Park

Opened in 1976 to promote different faunas and outlandish vegetation of the region. It extends over 41 square miles and crosses two of Nepal’s remotest regions, namely the Jumla and Mugu. Estimated to have over 1000 green assortments in this park- you can find 51 types of reptiles, 241 feathered creatures, and 2 types of reptiles. Moreover, you will also get snow-capped coniferous vegetation and a trekking route through the dense Pine, Juniper, oak, and rhododendron timberland.

2. Visiting Karnali- The Remotest Area In The Region

Many may not know this, but the region is the origin point of early Nepali culture and language. History reveals that this region was under the prosperous Khas Kingdom some ages back. And though everything is nearly in ruins, it still holds evidence of the rich, ancient Buddhist culture. The moment you arrive, you will feel as if you’ve are in some old medieval place. You can click lots of photos and also learn about the Nepalese language, legacy, and culture.

3. Checking Out The Gandaki Zone Along With The Massifs of Dhaulagiri & Annapurna

On reaching, you will come across a couple of local improvements- one in the Mid West and the other in the Far West. Our Rara trek will take you to the core of the mid-west. It is at the back of the Dhaulagiri Massif. You will notice that nature is not much affected by trekkers and herds amassing in for urbanization. Along with that, this Rara Lake trek will also present you with a sporadic opportunity to explore authentic establishments in Nepal’s real Wild West.

4. Immersing in the Beauty of Rara Lake

Rara Lake, the jewel of Rara National Park, is Nepal’s largest and deepest freshwater lake, offering pristine beauty at an altitude of 2,990 meters. Surrounded by lush green hills and snow-capped peaks, The lake is 10.8 square kilometers wide and sits at an altitude of 2,990 meters. You can enjoy boating on the crystal-clear waters or simply relax by the shore. Also, the lake offers many spots where you can capture stunning photos and videos.

5. Experiencing Local Culture and Traditions

While trekking through Rara Lake, you will encounter the rich cultural heritage of the local communities, including the Thakuri and Tibetan-influenced tribes. Talking with them gives you a chance to understand their unique culture. You might see traditional dances and hear folk songs. The local food is also special and worth trying. These experiences help you connect with the people and learn more about their way of life.

6. Wildlife Watching and Birding

Rara National Park is great for seeing wildlife. You might see rare animals like red pandas, black bears, and musk deer. The park is home to 51 types of reptiles and many kinds of mammals. Bird lovers can see many types of birds, including the beautiful Impeyan pheasant, also known as the Danphe, which is Nepal’s national bird. There are 241 species of birds in the park. The best times to see animals are early in the morning and late in the afternoon when they are most active.

6. Wildlife Watching and Birding

The trekking paths in Rara Lake take you through many different landscapes. Making your way through dense forests, you will pass the forests of pine, oak, and rhododendron trees. In spring, the rhododendron flowers bloom, adding bright colors to the scenery. The views of mountains and valleys are amazing. Sometimes you will trek through open meadows with beautiful wildflowers. The trails are quiet and not crowded, so you can enjoy nature peacefully. Every turn of the trail offers a new and stunning view.

7. Trekking Through Diverse Landscapes

The journey to Rara Lake takes you through a variety of landscapes. You’ll walk through dense forests filled with pine, juniper, oak, and rhododendron trees. As you ascend, the scenery changes to open meadows and rocky terrains. The diverse landscapes keep the trek interesting and visually stunning at every turn. Each day brings new and beautiful views, from lush greenery to rugged mountain paths.

8. Enjoying Panoramic Views from High Passes

The trek includes several high passes that provide breathtaking panoramic views. One of the most notable is the Chuchemara Pass. From here, you can see an unobstructed view of Rara Lake and the surrounding peaks. Reaching these high points gives you a sense of achievement and rewards you with stunning vistas. The clear, crisp air and expansive views are highlights of the trek.

What Do You Get As Our Package Complementary?

Offering you a delightful 12-day trek package, we include:

  • Airport pick-ups and drop-offs in a private car.
  • Accommodations are in a 3-star Kathmandu hotel with a complimentary breakfast.
  • Welcome and farewell dinners.
  • Medical kit, trekking permits, entrance fee for exploring ancient monuments.
  • Trekking duffel bags, map, trekking pole.
  • Porter service, including 1 porter for 2 trekkers.


What is the best time to trek to Rara Lake?

The best time to trek to Rara Lake is from September to November and April to May. During these months, the weather is stable, and the views are clear.

How difficult is the Rara Lake trek?

The Rara Lake trek is moderate in difficulty. It requires a good level of fitness due to long walking hours and some steep sections, but it is manageable for most trekkers with some preparation.

Do I need a special permit for the Rara Lake trek?

Yes, trekkers need a special permit to enter Rara National Park. You can get this in Kathmandu or Nepalgunj before starting the trek.

What kind of accommodation is available on the trek?

Accommodation on the Rara Lake trek is basic, with teahouses and lodges offering simple rooms and meals. In some remote areas, you may need to camp, so bringing a tent can be useful.

Is there internet and mobile connectivity on the trek?

Mobile connectivity is limited and often unreliable along the Rara Lake trek. It is advisable to inform your loved ones about potential communication gaps and enjoy the digital detox.