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Top Ways to Prepare Yourself for Island Peak Climbing in Nepal

Top Ways to Prepare Yourself for Island Peak Climbing in Nepal

Island peak is certainly an ideal peak for the people looking forward to more than conventional trekking and is yet not prepared to tackle the expedition of high altitude. It is of the extreme risk, and one must be familiar with mountaineering boots, crampons, rappelling, and abseiling on the fixed ropes. Here are certain tips which would make it possible for you to climb the island peak in Nepal.

Schedule the Best Time

It does not matter how prepared or fit you come, the possibilities of summitting the island peak will still remain slim in case, you fail to schedule the most appropriate time. Post monsoon, which is October to November, and pre-monsoon, which is April to May, are taken into consideration as the best time for island peak climbing in Nepal. The climate during these times is considered favourable due to clear views, and fewer chances of lower winds and snowfalls.

Permit appropriate acclimatization on your itinerary

Let the body adapt with the temperature of the altitude. It is strongly recommended you should merge Kalapathar and Everest Base Camp with the island peak climb, as this will make it possible appropriate acclimatization to the itinerary. The duration of the trip will be extended by three to four days, but all this will be worth the time.

Acquire Past High-altitude Experience

Having a past high-altitude experience would be definitely beneficial for you. Although it is not compulsory if you schedule appropriate acclimatization, having certain past experience of high altitude will definitely play a crucial role in making a huge difference. Make sure to do a trek, which reaches up to an escalation of at least 5000 m and learn certain basic mountaineering abilities because island peak will demand more than even you have thought it would.

Make Sure Train Well Ahead

The more fit you are, the more you will be capable of enjoying the experience. The multiple days of trekking to the base camp at a high altitude as well as 10 to 12 hours long summit push obviously needs you to have an excellent physical condition. Thus, it is of paramount importance for you to train yourself well ahead at least three to four months prior to hitting the trail. It would make it possible for you to build your strength, climbing skills, as well as train your cardiovascular for the climb as well.

Learn the Basic Mountaineering Skills

Island peak climbing is not a usual trekking peak, and it requires the usage of climbing equipment (Crampons, Harness, Fixed rope, Abseil devices, etc.) on a steep slope. It will definitely test your mountaineering skills and take them to a newer height. You can also learn the basic skills required to submit the peak at the base camp or Chukung with your climbing guide.

Therefore, these are some of the best tips for preparing yourself for the island peal climbing. Also, to get the best experience, you can opt for a certified agent.
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