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Upper Mustang Blog

Upper Mustang Blog

“a great windswept plateau in the pure scenic wilderness and truly a photographic country”


An impressive journey to Upper Mustang which is an extension of vast and high Tibetan plateau extends from southern west of Tibet border, here you can witness its unique culture of ancient Bon and Tibetan Buddhism religions along with grand views on daily walks visiting traditional Thakali and Mustang people villages.

As the adventure leads you into scenic and dramatic landscapes of red eroded canyon and high hills with snow capped peaks around former forbidden and ancient kingdom ‘The Walled city Lo-Manthang’.

Upper Mustang Trekking, truly a country for photographers to immerse within its picturesque moon like landscapes delights as the sunlight changes the color of the country.

This is an exceptional adventure to Upper Mustang which opened for visitors in early 1990’s as this region was a forbidden to foreign travelers, it unique dramatic landscapes has opened up the doors for trekkers to explore and to witness its rich cultural heritage of ancient past glory in and around the great walled city or a large village of Lo-Manthang.

Upper Mustang Trekking a great scenic landscapes actually an extension of vast south west Tibetan plateau, located North West of Nepal beyond Annapurna and Dhaulagiri mountain range on route old Trans-Himalayan Salt and Caravan Route of Nepal and Tibet.

Nepal Base Camp Trek presents Upper Mustang, an awesome mystical and scenic journey for you to enjoy and immerse in its rich traditions and ancient heritage of Tibetan Buddhist origin and as well pre Buddhism Bon culture.

A country of great fascination on this windswept terrain of eroded red cliffs and canyon making a great contrast with white snow capped peaks of Dhaulagiri and Birkuti / Damodar range of peaks.

Our Upper Mustang Trekking starts from picturesque and popular touristic city of Pokhara blessed with beautiful natural surrounding on the laps of giant and massive Annapurna Himalaya and serene Begnas and Phewa Lakes.

A super short flight takes you to Jomsom headquarter town of Mustang district, where our adventure starts heading towards higher and upper Mustang through interesting Kagbeni-Tsele (Chele), Tsarang-Ghami villages and crossing few high passes with grand views of mountains and landscapes to reach our destination at walled city / village of Lo-Manthang.

At Lo Manthang explore the unique old village, monasteries and palace of Mustang former Raja (King), an impressive place to be, after a great time heading back to Jomsom and Kali-Gandaki River valley for a short scenic flight to Pokhara and concluding this awesome Upper Mustang trekking with a drive to Kathmandu.