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An Overview on Our 29-Day Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek

An Overview on Our 29

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An adventurous trip to the massive and mesmerizing Kanchenjunga (28,169 ft./8,586m) situated right on the India/Nepal border is unique in its way. Not just for Mother Nature’s breath-taking beauty and grace, but also as this is the only trek in-around the Great Himalayas (and perhaps in the world) where one can reach both Kanchenjunga base camps in one trip.

Did You Know…?

 Geographically as the 3rd tallest mountain in the world, this peak situates in the larger part of the Himalayas; also known as ‘The Kanchenjunga Himal’ including 18 peaks stretching 23,000ft./7,000m.

 This mountain has 5 separate peaks, and in Tibetan lingual- Kanchenjunga translates to ‘Five Treasures’. They include as- Main Kanchenjunga (8586m), Yalung Kang or West Kanchenjunga (8,505m), Central Kanchenjunga (8482m), South Kanchenjunga (8494m), Kangbachen (7903m).

 Majority of this region is under a large national park (spanning both India and Nepal) entrusted to safeguard the beauty of the region and culture of different ethnic groups.

 This peak is also regarded as a holy-place by Sikkim inhabitants, and most climbers always stop short of the summit out of respect. Before, trekking in Kanchenjunga was not allowed mainly to preserve its splendour. But more travellers started visiting frequently and eventually it had to be turned into a base camp.

The area also consists of different valleys, lakes, tribal villagers, dense forest, pleasing climate and a wide variety of flora and fauna.

‘Nepal Base Camp Treks Pvt Ltd.’ frequently organizes Kanchenjunga circuit trek/Wilderness Trekking leading to both North and South base camps of this enormous mountain.


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Here an Itinerary of Our 29-Day Kanchenjunga, Nepal Trekking Package.

Day 01: Our arrival in Kathmandu 1315. Then immediate transfer to the hotel.
Day 02: Sightseeing tour in popular places.
Day 03: Flight to Bhadrapur (3,000 m) and then a 4 hrs drive to Ilam town 1,460 m.
Day 04: Driving to Sukhetar through the Kabeli Khola trek to Lali Kharka 1,900m.
Day 05: Then 5-hrs trekking to the Khesewa Bhanjyang 2,100m.
Day 06: Trekking to Mamangkhe 2,030 m – 6 hrs.
Day 07: 6 hrs trek to Yangphudin 2,150m.
Day 08: 6 hrs trek to Chitre 2,880 m.
Day 09: 7 hrs trek to Simbua Khola 3,000 m.
Day 10: 5 hrs trek to Tseram 3,770m.
Day 11: 6 hrs of trek to Ramche 4,360m through Lapsang.
Day 12: A day to rest and refuel at Ramche and acclimatizing for the hike to the Kanchenjunga South BC.
Day 13: A 5 hrs trek back to Tseram.
Day 14: A 5 hr trek to near Tamo la 4,300 m.
Day 15: 6 hrs of trek to Ghunsa, 3, 480 m.
Day 16: 5 hrs trekking to Kangbachen 4,000 m.
Day 17: 5 hrs of trek to Lhonak 4,780 m.
Day 18: Trekking to the Pang Pema 5,065m- 4 hrs.
Day 19: A resting day at Pang Pema with exploration.
Day 20: 6 hrs of trekking to Kangbachen 3,900m.
Day 21: Trekking to Phole 3,100 m – 5 hrs.
Day 22: Trekking to Amjilassa 2, 500 m -7 hrs.
Day 23: Trekking to Tapethok 1, 300 m – 6 hrs.
Day 24: Trekking to Mitlung 1,550 m – 6 hrs.
Day 25: Trekking to Suketar 2,440 m- 6 hrs.
Day 26: A 6 hr drive to Biratamod/ Bhadrapur through Ilam.
Day 27: Return flight to Kathmandu and transfer to hotel.
Day 28: Spending a free day at Kathmandu to enjoy individual activities.
Day 29: International flight for home.

Other Key Facts of the Trip:-

 No of People: 2-10 people
 Highest-Point: 5,143m/16,870 ft.
 Destination: Nepal
 Fitness level: Moderate
 Arrival: Kathmandu, Nepal

Departure: Kathmandu, Nepal

What’s The Best Time to Visit the Kanchenjunga Base Camp?

Ideally, the best time to visit the Kanchenjunga Base Camp from mid-March to June and then from mid-September to mid-November (even start of December)! This time slot will consists of compatible climate.
Mach-June or Spring Season!

 Expected temp during the day- 15 degree C- 25 degree C.
 Expected temp during the night- 8 degree C to -15 degree C.

Mid-September- 1st Week of December or Autumn Season!

 Expected temp during the day- 13 degree C- 20 degree C.
 Expected temp during the night- 2 degree C to –7 degree C.

Key Note: – The fitness level will play a crucial role as this trek is not easy. With an increase in altitude, the air will get thicker. The oxygen will also decrease the higher one goes. So, it’s best for anyone suffering from respiratory disease such as asthma to sit this one out.

Avoid going during the Monsoon season. Moderate to heavy rainfall is frequent, and that increases the risks of accidents, landslides and roadblocks. The trails also get unpleasant and inaccessible.

If you wish to know more of this expedition or how much does this trekking trip in Nepal cost– call us @ 977 9851111874/ 977 9846279693.